A box of sweets.

My kid loves those things!!!! I think perhaps this picture would look better if the box were more-prominent.
My fav candy right next to Sour Patch Kids

What is that green orb in the photos? I thought it might be a light in the background, but it's on oppisite sides in the photos.
hahaha.. I have been hooked on these since the mid 80's! A friend's little girl use to feed them to me... still buy them occasionally! :)
I really wish i could find more flavors, but a beggar cant be a chooser...lol. The green orbs are the LED's in the emergency lights on the ceiling. theres 1 on either side of the box and since i slightly moved from shot to shot one is blocked or cropped out.
I found a box of rainbow nerd in the supermarket today, pics will come tomorrow when i have some nice sunlight, i don't like the flash on my NEX-3.

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