A boy and his fish

This is a pretty good family photo. I love the way the light from the tank illuminates his eyes and face. The color fringing from the glass at the edges of the light beam is super!
Very cute photo, as Derrel said a great family photo. Good composition, great use of light.
And his little chubby baby arms, how cute :)
Thank you Derrel and Cauzimme! He was my inspiration for picking up a camera and it is capturing times like this that make it worth while for me. I appreciate the feedback and for all of the help this group has given to me!
Still looks good. I'm not sure that cloning out those two small blue dots actually helped...I think subliminally, they look like air bubbles, and sort of reinforce the 'idea' of the outer glass of the tank...with them eliminated, that effect is gone. Still, the connection between the child and the fish is there in the image. Same goes for having cloned out the stripes from the shoulder of the shirt...you're removing details that add information at an almost subliminal level...the skin tone is of almost no consequence, really. I cannot see any improvement in it between the original and the re-worked shot. If anything, the original is the better shot.
I went back and forth about cloning the bubbles out. I felt like my eyes were drawn to them and even though it was not mentioned, I thought that it may be a distraction. So, I eliminated them and reduced the hightlights and exposure on his shirt as well. I do see what you mean about the details though and, I appreciate your feedback.
Yeah, I know what you mean; photos like this are sometimes tricky to evaluate, since this type of image does not have many individual details! That lack of a lot of different components is what makes this such a strong photo! it's so,so simple , so spartan, so stripped down,so condensed. I think it's really a nice family photo, either with or without the bubbles or the shoulder area of the shirt showing.
Thanks Derrel I appreciate the feedback, especially because it is from you. You have provided some great insight for me in other posts and I appreciate the guidance.

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