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A Bridge in Central Maine C&C!


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Dec 31, 2009
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Okay let me say that the day I get my new computer the colors will be fixed and the day I get photoshop the telephone wires will be gone!
What do you think about this?
All C&C is thoroughly read, noted, and taken into consideration + thanked for tips. This is about 20 minutes from my house so going back and shooting isn't difficult, although I have to stand on a busy bridge with no sidewalk (Yikes! :p)
so composition ideas/suggestions will also be appreciated!
thats awesome
Awesome shot. It may be a pain, but I would definately clone out those power lines and maybe level the bridge just slightly. Other than that its great.
Funny thing is that I already straightened it out once. I can't seem to find the angle that looks 'right' and it's really, really bothering me :p
I need to lower the left end, correct?
Beautiful! We were in Maine a couple weeks ago.

There could well be a gradient to the bridge, with no far horizon it is difficult to say if the shot is off or not.
Yeah, the left lowered just ever so slightly. Are you using photoshop?
Whooos...shame on me..haha....I never read the bottom UNDER the pic. well leveling will be a breeze when you get photoshop.
Not yet, but I will be (using photoshop) -- I'm waiting to install it on my new computer.. I've put a hold on all editing until that comes in because the colors on my laptop are way off and it's so slowwww.
BEAUTIFUl!! pic the way it reflects if the water looks like a an oval
Thanks for the responses! They are much appreciated.
I was worried that without a single ripple in the water it'd confuse people-- any thoughts on that?

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