A Couple Bird Photos From My Backyard

Scott Whaley

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Aug 4, 2018
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I thought I would post a few bird photos from my backyard. I took these a few weeks ago after my eye surgery. I'm once again using my Canon 5d, set to manual. I used my Sigma 150-600 sports lens along with the 2X teleconverter. I shot using manual focus just to see how my eyes were doing. I can't wait until I get to go out and do some serious shooting. No cropping was done and very little PP done.

Female Cardinal 1.jpg

Robin 1.jpg

Robin 2.jpg
Pretty decent iq for the focal lenght used. Particularly the first.
Very nice set! Your eyes are working well, and the focus is pretty good, especially on the first. I've been doing something similar, but with less success.
Nothing much wrong with the focus in the first two. Just dropped short a bit on the third but we all do that.

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