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Sep 1, 2007
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Okinawa Japan
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That bunch brought the spring into your home, I am sure! I'd have loved to get that one, and I'd sure have been all around it with my camera, too! I just know it! :D
The colours are lovely and lively in both, and as the first shows my favourite flower (whose name keeps escaping me! :oops: ), I tend to like the first a bit better.
But both are nice, and I guess it was the light coming in through the window that you used to take these? Good.
*bump* 39 views and only one reply? Come on people give me something here (good or bad)
#1 - Nice and colorful. Never seen a flower like that before. There is a lot of noise in the image and it seems slightly underexposed. Background is very busy. I like that you put the main flower off center.

#2 - Image seems soft. The exposure is good and there is less noise in it. I like that you got close and filled the frame with the flower, just wish it was sharper. I prefer this shot to the first.
I like the first one.
is there some grain on the photo ? or is it my eyes cause im dead tired?
Both photos are great! The only thing I would change is in the first one. I would have tried a different DOF to allow the background to blur. I am not sure you could have done this based on the conditions. But you could always fix it in Photoshop.
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