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Aug 28, 2010
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Lake Charles, LA
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I took these last week, my first attempt out of auto. Tried a couple of B/Ws....








On a technical side, these are not badly exposed, seems like you're choosing the settings well for your first time out of Auto.
Now you could do with concentrating on creating more interesting compositions to grip the viewer. It might help to seek out a subject matter with a little more appeal. Personally, I find images of statues quite uninspiring.
they are some pretty good photo's I would work on your composition think to yourself would this picture make somebody go wow. Thats usually what I try and think about when I do composition or myself for my best shots
Yeah I agree statues arent usually the most exciting things...but some how it turned out most of my shots from the day were of statues, probably due to the fact that there are so many here and they are such willing models...noob friendly. One thing I am finding out is there is always something in the background to mess a shot up. Even looking at it from different views. So I passed on some....

Thanks for the input...
Number one has a lot of detail, but not a lot of depth. I would try burning the shadows selectively for additional contrast, without making the whole photo contrasty.

Number two is a statue. Don't know how you can fix that.

Number three is terrific. The lighting is great and the expression invokes emotion.

Number four is bland. The values in the statue are too similar to the background so I don't know what I'm looking at. The light is on the back of the head, which makes me wish the statue was facing the other way.

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