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Mar 7, 2009
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St. Thomas, Ontario
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I took these as the sun was setting. I haven't done anything thing with these two yet. It would be nice to see what everyone else would do with these before I do anything.

This is a birdhouse at a local park. I thought it looked very interesting with the light fading and the color of the sky.

This is looking up through a hydro tower. It took a few attempts to get all teh center supports lined up so it was a clean view right to the top.
#2 is very interesting. I love the geometry.

For both of them, I think it would help a LOT to do a little postprocessing -- adjust curves or levels to remove a bit of the greyness.
I like the second one a lot, then again, I'm a sucker for geometry and colors. I'd bump the saturation even farther, because the background colors add interest. Also, you might still be able to do more in curves or levels with those midtones (the greys of the structure) to make them "pop" more.

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