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A couple of my best recent work.

When I open posts like this, I assume I'll find the usual photos of things and scenes that don't really mean much. But yours are quite interesting! Thanks for sharing.
#4 I like number the best. It's the detail to the point where I can see the ripples in the milk of a slow motion cookie dunk. very nice effect ....btw are those chocolate chip?
Personally, I find number 3 to be the best image.
Strikes my fancy for some reason.
Can't quite put my finger on it. I rekon it's just what my eye see's
The milk and choc chip biscuits is my favourite, I really like number 2 aswell. :)
Number 3 is the easy winner here for me as well. Strong lines and composition, very good B&W conversion, and an almost-abstract feel that I personally tend to like.

Number 1 would be vastly improved – at least in my mind – if you did a conversion with brighter whites and deeper blacks like in #3. Also, there's something about the positioning of the models legs (and the light behind them) that takes away the attention from where the real action in the photo is. Crop those legs and see what happens with the composition. Now, I'm clueless when it comes to portraits so I wouldn't know where exactly to crop those legs without making the experts go in a tizzy. If you do crop from the bottom, you might also need to crop a tiny bit off the right-hand side to preserve the balance of the composition.
I also feel drawn to No 3 as I like the diagonal lines that converge, their strength and the fact that there are more diagonal lines pointing in the opposite direction. All this is kind of interrupted by the squares of the windows. All in all quite appealing.

The pills don't mean a thing to me.

The last one would be A+ in my estimation if there had been just a tiny bit of room between the largest amount of spilling milk and the frame.

The man in the rain doesn't convince me overly much with all those distracting shadows going on and the corner in the upper righthand side of your frame. I'm not sure if cropping might do the trick, maybe you have to repeat this one?

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