A couple of shots.


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Mar 1, 2009
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The arm in the last suggests we're looking at a self portrait? No distortion? Rare enough.

Stark contrasts in the second. That's cool. I like black&white photography to be this strong in contrasts!

The welding one ... cool. Got one of my husband not welding but flexing something - without wearing goggles (!) - and you can see the part that hit him in the eye fractions of a second later :( ... Nothing too bad happened, but he had to go home, wash it out, return WITH goggles, and having learnt a lesson... ! And his eye was red for the rest of the day.
Nice work in all three, I like the action surrounded by darkness in #1 and the next two seem to be infrared.....your arm in #3 does take away somewhat from the image, but still good as I like the 'metalised' result in this and #2.

Yeah, you have to be careful when taking photos around someone that's welding or grinding. Those small red hot pieces of metal will fuse with the glass of your lens and cost you a large repair bill.
Some people put a filter on, I stand far away and use a longer focal length.

All three are just plain old B&W's. The arm in the glasses is there because I took that shot for a challenge on another forum. It was a self portrait with the camera in shot challenge.

I haven't done any IR's lately, but they are kind if fun.

One of my favorites, 80 degrees F,in the middle of june.
Taken with a Sony 717.


Thanks for looking.
I've put you on my fovorites list. My God! You ARE talented. What a wonderful eye. Your eagles make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I also particularly like the B&W dome with the sculpture. Where was that shot? I like classical architecture. Born & raised in San Francisco. Lots of it around there. Congratulations! Please treasure your talent and let it take you to great pleasure.

Thanks, Tom Beard
2 and 3 my fav
Awesome B&W conversations. You have a lot of talent. I especially love the second one and the snowy picture. GREAT work, would love to see more.

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