A Day at the Temple


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Aug 26, 2010
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My first shot at B&W. Would love suggestions. this was done with camera settings, not photoshop. is there any difference between using monochrome settings on the camera or switching in photoshop?

Dragon's Head

Tree Temple
I have heard its better to shoot mono in camera, but I am far from a expert and really have no idea. I for one love B&W so would like to know that story myself. As for the shots you did, I think they turned out very well and very much like the tree with the temple out of focus. It works!
Thanks idaho! i played with the same pic (i took one with colour and one mono in camera) and i switched to mono on the colour one in photoshop and cant tell the difference...but seems like there should be a diff.
Ooooh very nice. I would like to counter the statement regarding using monochrome in camera. You have way more control in post (and can use RGB channels hooray!). That being said, these look very decent. Maybe a bit of a contrast boost but.. nicely done. Particularly the first
image 1 is nice
image 2 is a little too abstract & indistinguishable
We spend all of this money on sophisticated camera sensors that record a substantial amount of information, so I find it curious that we would then select an in camera function that would reduce the amount of information that is being recorded.

If you shoot in colour you retain far more information and improve your ability to work in post later on.


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