A few Candids

Discussion in 'People Photography' started by Jeffm73, Apr 7, 2007.

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    Was out walking around this afternoon, and snapped off a couple of candid shots.

    Comments welcome.



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    Both good!
    This is what I like about photography and the work with long lenses: how you can make your subject stand out against the background, how the effect of the lens can eliminate everything else and fully focus on just the subject (our eyes can't do that so well), and when aperture and exposure are just right then you can filter out your subjects from their surroundings and give them an entirely new, unique context.

    You did just that.
    And I like it.

    I especially like her eyes in the first photo.
    A bit more forehead would have been good, but well...

    And if the person in the second photo still had been a bit more over to the right so she'd have more room to walk into ... but well here, too. They are candids!

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