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a few easter shots


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Jan 25, 2009
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What do you think of the exposure and comp.?
These are a good start. I think my only criticism is that none of them have a strong focal point, except maybe the last, but it's even there it's a bit convoluted. I find myself wondering where my attention is supposed to go. My first reaction is always to the flowers, but then I end up confused because they're out of focus, at which point I discover the egg. Maybe that's the point. If it is, kudos.

Number two is actually exactly the opposite. Without the context of the other images, I wouldn't be able to tell what the purple thing is.

I think these images would benefit from two things. 1. carefully selecting what you want the viewer to focus on (and making sure nothing else is really competing with it) and 2. A bit more drama in your angles. Try catching things from an angle the human eye wouldn't ordinarily see it. It often results in a more interesting photo.
I like the idea of the third one, but something about it is off to me. They all seem to be a little too busy, to much going on.
I just realized i never said thank you for all the input! I'm so sorry!:blushing:

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