A few flower photography.


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Jun 26, 2013
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I will post about five photos, because I have so much. I will give you a link to the rest of my flower photographs at the end, in case you are still interested.


Here is a link to the rest of my flower photographs. Plants - Jocelyn Frasier Photography

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From top to bottom they are:
I am pretty sure it is a type of rose.
This is more of an alphalpa or clover bloom.
Bleeding heart.
I'm pretty sure the alfalfa or clover you photographed is...chives!!! Try picking a few of the green stalks, and washing them, then snipping them into bits and using them as a baked potato topping! They taste like very mild onion (well, they taste live chives!).
Oh! Thank you! I am no expert on flower types, so thank you!
Not bad! Colors and exposure look good, and I can tell you're attempting to vary your composition with various elements like leading lines, DOF changes and rule of thirds.

Here are a few links that I've used to help get my creative wheels going in terms of flower photography. Hope you enjoy and learn lots :)
How to Photograph Flowers
Tips for Better Flower Photography ? PictureCorrect
Yah, not bad. The last photo is very interesting. I've never seen anything like that before.

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