A few flowers. Oly E1


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Aug 28, 2006
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Good day all. Just a few shots with the E1 and 70-300mm. The shots are handheld, and are shot at ISO800, but I think the grain adds nicely to the photos.



Thanks fellas!!! I really liked them both, but was biased towards the second as well! This E1 reproduces colors amazingly. I know it's a bit noisy, but I'm not a pixel peeper, and quite like both of these.

Thanks for the great comments. Get's me through the long Canadian winter!!!
great job! the second definetly steals the show. i love how you completely filled the frame with the flower.
Thank you so much.

I have other shots where it's even closer in. 300mm (600mm equ) macro get you pretty far in at 90cm's from the subject!

I may develop (in LR) the other, and post again here.

Thanks for the kind words again!
As promised! I know the DOF is shallow, but I really like the back of the flower!

The first one is fantastic, but would be amazing i think if the you had employed a little more DOF or adjusted to focus towards the centre of the flower instead of the pedals

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