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Nov 21, 2008
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Went down to the Tidal basin area this weekend. Here are a few of the pics I took. Any helpful suggestions are appreciated.






I'm sorry, I mistakenly posted this in the wrong forum. If a mod can move this to where it belongs in the beginner forum I would appreciate it.

Thank you,
Wow ! Talk about feeling neglected. Not one comment, these pics don't suck that bad do they ?
Yea I know it's in the wrong place, but you mean out of 42 views not one was from a Mod who could do me the favor I asked and move it to the right place ?
I think I've been patient, and am starting to feel unloved :grumpy::confused::er:
No need to ... absolutely no need to. I am sure that out of 42 views, there were even 35 views of guests from outside who cannot even post... I'm seeing your thread now, and have moved it instantly, the moment I read about your mistake, and that while I'm not even mod any more but "spam cop" (still can move threads around and all that).

Now, as to the photo, I quite enjoy the last, the proud father taking a pic of his baby, but I wish that one had been more carefully composed. Less empty space above your subjects, but the mother WITH feet and all... A vertical orientation could have brought that about easily, and the back of the person on the right would not show, either...

I quite like your Photo 3 here, with the sweeping curve of the tidal basin. Time has gone so fast - it'll be three years in early April that I was there myself...
I like #3 and #5, however, I think #3 would look better in color. #4 doesn't do much for me, and seems like it's overcroped.
I think #2 would be a really cool pic if it was taken vertically to line up with the stairs, and if there was just a teensy bit more contrast! Great shots though! The one of the man, wife & baby was priceless...agree with previous critiques of it though!
Great comments !
I will have to start remembering to orient the camera both ways when taking these shots !!

Thanks !
As a Washingtonian, I really like the last one - I know (from the flags) that it was taken by the Washington Monument, but the Monument isn't in the photo because it would have overpowered your subject through its symbolism. The flags are what really make that picture for me, giving the photo an understated boldness and elegance. Nicely done :thumbup: Might want to crop off the arm on the right hand side of the frame though.

#1 is a snapshot, #2 is amateurish (you're trying to capture the straight lines of the stairs, well guess what those aren't straight lines bud), #3 would have had good composition except for, whoops, the trees in front of the Lincoln Memorial, and #4 lacks character, like something I'd see in a tourist book to say "look, here's what the Memorial looks like" and the reader just glances over it and continues.

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