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Oct 10, 2008
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Atlanta, GA
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1 to desaturated

2 is ok but soft looks like camera shake

3 the best of the four

4 Doesnt really do anything for me but the conversion to B&W is well done.
1 and 2 is okay. 2 is a bit blurry though. 3 is what I like most because of the DoF and creamy background. 4 is a nice looking picture too!
I personally liked 3 quite a bit, and 4 was nice.

The first two didn't excite me, but then club photos rarely do much for me.
You know, upon a second look, I actually wish you had taken some zoomed-in shots of that heating *thing* up on the ceiling behind the guitar player... with the metal cross-beam in the shot that might have made for a cool abstracty-sort of picture.
Love the third one, first one's not bad either.
Not a fan of any of them really.

#1 – Probably my favourite one, but its too desaturated. Needs a bit more colour to add some energy. The pose they have (all 3 hunched over) shows a slow, tired, slumpy feel to the shot and the choice of colour (or lack of) adds to this slow, depressed feeling. If that was the intent, you hit the nail on the head (with me).

I’d also like to see less of the left hand / empty side to try and get more of the 3rd guy in the picture. Not always easy when doing club shots like this, but hey, its whats going through my head as I look at the picture

#2 – A shot that could do well with closeups. Either one of the musicians close up, or even moving in to remove some of the top empty space and some of the wires and legs. Not very sharp. I like the colour of the picture, somewhat retro feel to it.

Any of the keyboard player actually wearing those red sunglasses?

#3 – much clearer, but lack of an interesting subject. Nice depth of field, but there are just too many of the flowers/buds, my eye tends to wander. Again, close up might work.

#4 – The choice of colour makes it look like a picture of dead leaves and a branch that is all scratched up. I do enjoy the lighting in this one.

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