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Feb 8, 2009
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These are a few pictures I shoot around where I live. Let me now what you think. thanks



I like them alot, the right bird in the third seems a little more in focus than the left.
Wow, what setup did you use for the 2nd pic? That's amazingly sharp, looks great!
I used a Nikon D300. I dont know what I did for that bird to look like that, but thanks
So you live in Australia?
Else where would you have found the two kookaburras? I love those little birds - and their laughing sound! :D

The first is a tad poorly composed with the horizon cutting the photo into two equal halves, one half sky, the other half land. In landscape photography, or painting or drawing etc., any image becomes instantly more interesting to look at when the horizon line is either placed on the border to the upper third or on the border to the lower one (or even within either of the extreme thirds), depending and what it is you feel more: the vastness of that dome of a sky above everything, or the impressiveness of the countryside.

I like the colours and lighting in the middle one, the red of the berries really "pops", and goes well with the blue of the sky. The bird is a tad hidden, but that's ok, I think. All in all, this photo is quite centrally composed, i.e. the bird is right in the middle of your frame. That's where I guess you focus point is, and you focused and released, but maybe for the future you might want to focus, hold the button half pushed and thus slightly recompose your image so the subject moves out of the dead centre.

All in all I hope to soon see some more from your country.
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no those birds where at my local zoo sorry, I dont live in Australia I should of been more specfic. Thank for the critism though

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