A few pic's taken using my new 430exii..cc please


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Feb 3, 2009
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Maple, Ontario Canada
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Ya hoo..I finally picked up my new toy on the weekend a canon 430ex ii flash..I was complaining that my indoor shots were not coming out as sharp or clear as i wanted and the on camera flash is way to harsh and awfull..well for all you newbees out there i'll tell you invest in some good light and good things will come..

Any way i took only a few photos using my new toy..i'm still learning so any type of cc will help me..am i using the flash properly or am i still doing something wrong?..either way i can tell you that these look at least 100% better then pop up flash..
My nephew......


Good stuff. Obviously sort of snap shot'ish. Now you and I are in the same boat. Will be it a Sto-fen or a Light Sphere?

very snapshotish...my nephew was over running around..and i just wanted to test the flash out no posing or modeling..just some fun
i dont think the first one looks snap photoish. i think it could be in a cough medicine ad or something.
If you mean a flash diffuser it's used to soften the light but not the picture. What it does it stop 'hot spots' appearing as the flash tends to have an uneven spread of light so the centre of the flash could become over lit. Diffusing the light softens that and makes it more even.
the Stofen is a popular flash diffuser since it is cheap and very small - other options like the Lumiquest softbox and Garyfong lightsphere are bigger devices though usually get a better overall reivew for users over the stofen with regard to lighting control.
Hoever its really up to you , what you shoot and how you shoot.
Yeah i just did a search on that garyfong diffuser and i swear its just an empty margarine container with a seethrough lid:mrgreen:....
but it sure has awsome reviews...the stofen can be had for like $10 so i think i will try that one first,,,
What no free alcohol bottles around?

I'm the last one that should be giving sane financial advice, but that ten bucks is a third of your first trigger set. Jerry here will show you how to modify them. :thumbup:

I am bouncing them off umbrellas and softboxes for flashes, they give great results.

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