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Discussion in 'Just For Fun!' started by barich16cmu, Sep 23, 2005.

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    This first one is from Normandy, France. I was sitting inside a Nazi bunker looking over a cliff that American troops climbed in WWII.


    This next one, is probably my most favorite picture that I have ever taken. I was sitting at a resort in Puerto Vallarta and just looked behind me and saw the most amazing sunset ever. Tell me what you think.


    This last pic comes in a close second for favorite pictures I have taken. What does everyone think about it.


    I couldnt figure out how to make it that much smaller, so I just uploaded a thumbnail. How is this?

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    Welcome to the forum, or again welcome, if I had welcomed you before.
    The second is a bit, erm... waaayyy to large for this forum, it does not even fit onto my screen, and mine is a pretty high resolution one.
    Find out how to make it smaller... If you don't know how to downsize your photos BEFORE you upload them into your picture host, maybe the picture host offers you the means to downsize?
    I do agree that the second is very intense. No wonder you like it so.
    But it needs to be smaller for this board (and so does the first, but the second even more).
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    Hey, if you need to resize those pictures, use http://bluefive.pair.com/pixresizer.htm ; its called PIXresizer, and it is very simple to use and its FREE! :)

    Its what I use.

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