Fall and Winter, Toronto, GF3


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Oct 21, 2016
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This is my Fall/Winter group. All photos in this group were taken using my Lumix GF3 and Yongnuo 42.5 F1.7 lens.
- Note: Colour mode is "Standard" with no adjustments. Now that I think about it, I don't recall ever using any other colour mode on this, or any other Panasonic camera. I like the results "as-is."

- Nov 1, 2022, 17:24
Early evening Fall sunlight. I like the "sky" as-is. I might change my mind later.
f/9.0 1/160 sec ISO-160

- Nov 4, 2022, 16:27
Yes, it's a cloud
f/3.2 1/3200 sec ISO-160

- Dec 28, 2022, 12:25
Most people probably think this was a deliberate "lens test" picture, but, really, I was looking at the light. The sky is clouded over, but thinly enough that the sun is easy to find. So on the one hand there is a textured sky behind the trees, and the trees themselves add another texture. Note the surprisingly high compression needed to shrink the file size.
f/4.5 1/3200 sec ISO-160

- Crop from 3999,0
- a detail crop of the previous picture
If I really wanted to test the lens, I have 16mp and 20mp cameras. The 12mp sensor in the GF3 is easy on the lenses.

- Dec 28, 2022, 12:30
I am not sure how many times I have photographed this path, but I am sure that I have not uploaded such a picture often. This might have been the first time.

- Jan 14, 2023 13:17
This group mainly features muted colours, which some people associate with the season. I included this photo with strong red and green to maintain perspective. Yes, this setup is capable of bright colors.
f/3.2 1/3200 sec ISO-160

Finally, another technically surprising picture. The detail level in this picture forced me up to "C3" compression. Whereas the earlier ("C5") pictures had obvious complex detail, this picture is more subtle.
f/2.2 1/1600 sec ISO-160


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Thanks Jeff! I am hoping to get another trip out of this season, but it seems to be warming up too quickly. Actually, that would be nice. . . .
I'm posting this using my Xperia phone. No problems and no delays through WiFi. Meanwhile, I have been waiting for over a half hour to login on my Windows 8.1 computer. Same Internet route. Clearly Microsoft is messing with my computer. A pity. I have pictures to post on the computer, if I get logged on later.

[09:21: I solved the problem by switching to the Firefox browser. The main OS seems to be working ok. The (Microsoft) Edge browser was the culprit. I will not comment further at this time.
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GF3: Winter - Spring Set

This group is mainly a set of "texture" images. I originally excluded the "water and rocks" picture "P1020436a-rsz1600-C2.JPG" since it was not essentially a single texture. It has two textures balanced. And besides, I have already posted a picture with splashing water recently. But I included it because these pictures are from the GF3 using "Standard" mode. After Apr 13, I will be changing to "Natural", so it would probably look too different from what I might post in the future.

These pictures were taken from the end of Winter to early in Spring. Lately I have been carrying a combination of a Lumix GF3 with Yongnuo 42.5mm F1.7 lens with my Xperia 10 iii. I am still getting used to this setup, so I have missed some good pictures. A challenge keeps things interesting.

Pictures have been reduced to 1600 pixels wide and re-compressed (C1 is minimum compression), but are otherwise unaltered.







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Some nice shots!

Thanks Jeff! these "textures" are intended for use as wallpapers for cellphones. I thought that I would put together a group of about 6 for that purpose. I am using the "out of camera" sizes *3000 x 4000" but these reductions might be large enough for some phones. I don't know about that. . . .
[2023-04-26 corrected "size". The GF3 is a 12MP camera, not a 24MP camera.]
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