A few recent bird photos

Since when did another diver join the forums?! Jeez I'm out of the loop! Great to have another one of us around though ;)

#1 isn't my favorite. The subject is quite blurry and small.
#2 I definitely appreciate the great greens and the colorations on the bird, but I feel like again the bird is a tad small for the shot. Negative space can be useful at times, but this shot has just a bit too much.
#3 Again, maybe a bit too much negative space, though its better than #2. Colorations on the bird seem a bit cold, maybe try to bring up the saturation of them a bit? Still, a shot that has a lot of potential.
#2 Very cool shot, but I feel like it's a just a bit overedited for my taste in terms of contrast, clarity and saturation...

Edit: This is what I meant... I feel that the green saturation, sharpness and contrast of the grass is stealing away the attention from the little bird...

6860809076_00e89a7fd8_o-2 by PrimozKovacic, on Flickr
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The Woodpecker appears sharp and well exposed.
I might suggest a crop to keep the viewer's eyes from going from side to side.
Thanx for all the comments. My wife thinks that ALL of my photos are perfect (or maybe she's just being nice). It's good to get some non-biased critiques.

togalive: To be honest, I don't dive any more... sinus problems. The last couple of time I went I almost blew my eardrums. Maybe someday I'll see a doctor about it. But, I've used the ScubaDude name for email and log-ins for so long that I'm stuck with it. Shots #1 and 2 are extreme crops (less than 10% of the original frame), so I lost a lot of quality there. I've been hunting the woodpecker for about a month, so I was just happy to get a good pose. #3 was taken on a cold, cloudy morning. Adjusting the color balance just seemed to make it look artificial (tho I'm not the greatest Photoshopper in the world). Looking at it now, tho, I think I should crop a little off the top.

Primoz: I do like your crop better. I didn't want to crop it down any more than I did, because I had already cropped 90% of the shot away. And, I've heard from others that I overdo it with sharpening and processing... sometimes a little is better than a lot. Seems like every time I read a Photoshop tutorial I go crazy with it (maybe time to get my monitor calibrated, too).

1000_Islander: I like your crop better, also.
I completely agree that pictures 1 & 2 really need further crops as the birds are just too small. Picture 1 also suffers from that blue sky past the tree. Now picture #3 is a super composition with the correct proportions. Of course working with a larger bird makes it just that much easier.

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