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A few scapes from yesterday............>


Damn You!
Jan 21, 2006
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locked in the attic
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well we had a bank holiday monday yesterday here in England, so i managed to get up to Dartmoor again........ didnt have much time, but was surprised by the yellow blossom on the thistle bushes, so thought i'd share these. :)




circle of moo cows..... just chillin :p


Thanks for checkin em out :)
Ooooooo, nice shots! And nice clouds. It's such a beautiful spot. Good capture of "cow henge" too. :thumbup: Thanks for sharing.
great series, arch, really love the first one... cows are cool too... :thumbup:
Damn it. I was stuck in work on bank holiday :(

these look cool Arch, the clouds are great.

out of interest, Did it start to rain after you took the picture of the cows? Like the saying goes
These are all cool Arch, Great compositions in the 1st, 2nd and 4th. Cool clouds in the 3rd! :thumbup:
beautiful shots arch!! i just loooooooooooooooooooove #3...
thanks for sharing
Very nice angel, all of 'em. I like the cow shot the best. I might play with the shadow/highlight tool a little just to bring out some detail in the shadows.

Great series!
Excellent shots Arch. Lovin the clouds in these
How on earth did you get those cows to pose so nicely for you? ;)
Thanks for the comments guys :)

John.... na it didnt rain.....the saying lied to me!

Craw.... i did use the shadow/highlight cuz i underexposed quite alot... but i'll see if i can bring out a bit more.

WNK.... they were like that when i got there!..... just having a lazy day i suppose ;)

Thanks all.
That moor is visibly "waking up" after a long winter.
Lovely weather.
I'm glad you had such a nice day for your Monday off over there!
Dartmoor is an area I once want to go to!
To also take photos, and hopefully as good ones as these here! :D

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