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A Field, Phelps Mill and BleakBird - Three Photos for Show


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Jan 27, 2008
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Bemidji, Minnesota, USA
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Struggling a little bit in life at the moment and so have not been out shooting as much as I'd like. I did get these I thought I would share here.

#1 - "For Everything, Turn Turn Turn"

#2 - "Photographer at Phelps Mill" ( Phelps Mill County Park - Otter Tail County Minnesota )

#3 - BleakBird at Feeder (anytime I do this dark-feeling, silhouette shot of a bird, I'm calling the genre bleakbird)
Sorry to hear about your struggles.
Cool pix. I think there's some CA on the last one.
Thank you very much, I'll make it through and have lots of fodder for inspiration (isn't the down times in lives that which bring some of the best work from people?).

Yes, some "CA" in that last photo although in this case it wasn't the lens but the intentional post-processing of it as part of the new genre called Bleakbird.
I really like the first one 'Drex... but I think it would a MUCH better image if you cropped away the top bit so all we see is the furoughs... some really great patterns there. Hope you get sorted soon!
I like the first and second shot.I agree with tirediron on the crop and IMO it would make a even stronger shot.The second shot maybe up the exposure a little bit. I hope everything turns around for you and get better. Fake it until you make it.
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I think these shots all successfully convey the darker mood. And by that, you have successfully imparted an emotional reaction in a complete stranger, which makes the art a success in my view. This was my reaction just by looking at the photos without reading the text. Usually I like to look at an image before anything will influence my perceptions.

This set is quite the departure from a photoshopped Alien spaceship over a lake. But I really like #3; leaves much to the imagination works for me on many levels.
Ha...departure and UFO...brilliant! Yeah, I'll keep practicing. Thank you for the comments and insight.
That pesky car is my buddy's. I wanted to include it so he could be a part of the photo in some way. I know what you mean though.

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