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Nov 3, 2011
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Atlanta, GA, USA
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DSC_5904 (1) by franklinrabon, on Flickr

Long time no see guys! Just thought I'd post a random street capture from today. Comments and critiques always welcome, hope everybody is doing well around these parts!

D7000, 35mm, f/4, ISO 400, 1/250, silver efex pro2

10th Street, Atlanta, GA ~7PM, 8/7/13
Wow, that's a great moment to capture! I think these are two great images in one. First the horse and the "no parking" sign, and then the horse and the girl at the window. Although I love it, the picture is somehow distracting to me. I'd probably prefer a tighter crop around the subjects to be see the intent of the picture immediately, but then again it's difficult to put the three important elements in the same frame. How about making two pictures out of it ;)
Good to see you back fjrabon! The photo is interesting. We don;t see that many horses in urban environments these days, at least not where I live...if I see a horse, it's usually one of a pair, being ridden by the police dept's mounted patrol unit division.
I like this, its a neat concept. I think the image might be a bit stronger though if it were cropped on the left just to the right of all those electrical boxes. Oh and I'd clone out the horse poop. :wink:
Had to look for the girl, then it came together. Agree on electrical boxes, but then that would destroy the square crop. Nice street capture. Thanks for sharing.
cool, thanks for the feedbqck guys. the crop was just me messing up on the framing of the original capture. I kinda knew I wanted a square crop, but I miscalculated the angle very slightly for the first capture, and the little girl ran away before I could take a second.

I think it just looks awkward if you either crop it in a non-traditional ratio and the image loses a lot of you crop it more, while keeping it square, taking off the right side, but also the no parking sign. I've thought about dodging and burning some stuff to make it a bit less distracting, but also, go back and forth on that, since honesty of the image is part of the allure. Same issue with cloning out the poop, to me that's an integral part of the image. But obviously that's just my opinion.

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