A Kid and a Camera


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Jan 13, 2012
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My 3 year old was begging to have pictures taken tonight (he alternates, some days he hates the camera, others, he loves it). As we were headed out the door, my dad pulled out one of his old cameras and told me to take it along to pose with. Of course, my son thought it was the best thing ever. He spend most of our outing "taking pictures" of me with it. It doesn't have film in it. :p Not that it slowed him down. My little 21st century techie even wanted to show me his images on the back of the camera. Got some cute shots that my dad will love, though, since they have his camera AND his grandson.

This is one that shows the camera fairly well. Don't ask what's up with his wrist. He's only so posable. :p
Older film cameras make great props!!! I love the story about him taking pictures of you--and wanting to show you his pictures on the back of that old 35mm camera! That is just sooo cute! Good idea going with a sepia tone on this. Really is a great choice! Highlights on the boards on the bench might benefit from a little highlight recovery, even if that does make the shadows cast by the support pipes appear a bit stronger. I love his expression.
Love the lead-in (bench) it brings you immediately to the subject, agree with Derrels comment it's a bit washed
I should be able to bring the highlights down pretty easily. I'll work on it and try to get a new version up in a bit. :) I've been begging my dad to take pictures of me with his cameras. He's got several awesome old ones. :D

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