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A large panorama of Manhattah

ny lapsetime

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Dec 17, 2015
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Hi everyone, second post on the forum here. I took this panorama of Manhattan the other night and thought I'd share it. Any advice or feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Click the full size link as it's quite large

nypano by Neil F, on Flickr
It needs more foreground to give it a sense of depth. The cut-off antennas are rather disturbing. And the skyline itself could use more contrast.
Thanks for the response. Yes, I know what you mean about the foreground. It's actually because there is a fence blocking the foreground, and I can't get any higher. Here is the context of the shot.
ny8 by Neil F, on Flickr

But yeah, I'll have to get more on top and bottom next time, as I had to crop quite a bit when stitching the photos together.
I'd be looking for a better vantage point.

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