A Leaf on the Water


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May 25, 2012
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Not bad, clear and color is nice. My only suggestion is to have taken it from a lower angle, something closer to water level and only slightly lifted as opposed to directly over top. Overall not a bad shot
Thanks for your comments, Shipman. I believe I tried to take this from a lower angle, but I was not able to see beneath the surface of the water. In this shot, I wanted the leaf on the surface, the reflection of the sky and surroundings, and some of the objects underneath the water. I will certainly consider a lower vantage point next time I come across a similar scene.
I like, but there is significant competition between the leaf and the reflected background.
Shipman's suggestion is one possible solution, but another would have been to treat the reflection as you would any background by being more selective at reducing distracting elements.
The very bright blue sky in the upper right is what's bothering me. If you could darken that, I think this would work much better. If you're using PS, you could try using the selective color adjustment and increase the black slider in the blue tab. You might want to mask out the left half of the image.

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