A lens question: Chinar on an AE-1

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by bantor, Sep 3, 2005.

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    I just bought a chinar lens. It mounds on my Canon AE-1 good, but the problem is I am not sure it is compatable. The lense has an 'A' setting, and even when it is set to it the camera still reads it as manual mode. That is the least of my proplems to. When i press the sutter stopdown button, it takes about 3 seconds for the aperature to get the right size, and when it dows i can only go to a larger aperature, i can't make it smaller unless i go through i long and sorted proccess.

    So what i am getting at here is, i was wondering if only canon lenses work with the AE-1 even though several other brands make lenses that fit the FD style.

    Thanks for the help.


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    i have two AE-1'S and i have canon & non canon lens that i use so i dont know why it would be doing that if i rember in the book it was saying some thing aobut if its not a silver ring lens you need to use an adaptor but i never have so i dont even know aobut that but if you need the book for your canon look here


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