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Jan 21, 2012
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I'm new to photography and right now I like to shoot everything! I've only started editing with ViewNX 2 but I seem to like adding high contrast high sharpness. Tell me what you think

1. Friends wedding right before walking down the aisle

2. Playing around at the arboretum

3. Old ferrari

4. Boca Raton, FL

5. Lake at my apartment complex
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Too random for C&C?
Exposures are all good, but comp needs work. Keep trying ( ;

J.M. Briggs
It is kinda too random for CC :D

1 is gorgeous, but having a stunning bride doesn't hurt! The crop is weird.
2 is too dark in her eyes, looks like she's looking down? I don't like the chop off right below the knees either. Seems unintentional.
3 I think it would be better if all of Ferrari was in focus. Nice textures though
4 the sky is a little crazy, super sat'd clouds. But pretty. I wish I could see the bottoms of the trees too, to kinda ground the image, if that makes sense.
5 is kinda Meh. I see that awesome bird you caught in action, but I didn't see it the first look at all. If its oof, then I'd just toss it, but if its in focus I'd crop in a lot more. And bump the exposure.
I'm pretty new so take everything I say with a grain of salt lol.

The exposure seems nice, but it looks like it might a bit too sharp.

again, nice exposure, but seems more like a nicely exposed snapshot.

Don't have much to say.

again, nicely exposed random snapshot. I don't see any attempt at composition.

Too many subject fighting for the main subject. What's the main subject? Bird, Fountain, trees? You lso blew out the sky.

Very nice exposures for the most part.
I can see what you guys are saying on 4. Just a pretty snapshot..

on 5: I was shooting indoors earlier that day, and when I went outside I was still at ISO 3200 like a huge dummy. Thats why the sky is blown out and I cant crop. I can also see how this looks like a snapshot with so many things going on. I'll think about that next time.

shuttervelocity: I'm using a d3100 and most of these were shot with a 35 mm 1.8G. 3 and 4 with the kit 18-55.

Any more tips on composition? other than 4, I put a good amount of thought into the composition so any tips would be appreciated!
#1 Nice light, I'd crop a little more from the bottom above the mans knee
#2 Crop a little more from the top
#3 Stop down for more DoF and sharpen post. I like a lot of detail in this type of picture.
#4 Nice colors but my eye just wonders looking for a subject.
#5 Lots of potential with this shot. It can be cropped several different ways producing several nice pictures

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