A little bit of Rain never stopped us! C&C please


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Sep 28, 2012
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It was raining and my number 3.....well nothing stops him AT ALL! So he runs out and I am in the kitchen watching him out my window......and think damn.......I need to go and get my camera cuz he is looking pretty stinkin cute right now! :D C&C Always welcome!
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I like #3, but I'd haul it back into Lightroom, and dial down the highlights, exposure and saturation on the coat, and do a little selective exposure reduction on his face as well. Basically, it's just a bit too hot IMO.
Too bright, and they would be a lot sharper if you didn't insist on shooting wide open at 1.4 all the time. Eyes are oversharpened... which you probably had to do to make up for the aperture you used.
shooting wide open is my style.....it's how I like to shoot.......I actually like my eyes a little bit more sharpened than most I will say. There were a few images that DID NOT turn out because of shooting at a 1.4 but these ones did not need extra sharpening for clarity in the areas I wanted clarity in. :) Thanks so much everyone for your input! I don't think anything on the face is actually blown so am okay with the exposure on these, there are some hot spots on the coat....which again I am okay with to get the desired exposure on the face that I wanted....and I think it adds to the image being out in the rain......I wanted them a little bright for the feeling I was going for...............again just a matter of taste :)
yea... you are right, we don't have a clue what we are talking about... ;) Taste is everything, after all!
Well.....that wasn't what I said....but if you want to admit to it! :sexywink: AND you are already somewhat suspicious since you use a Nikon! BUT with all that said I just had a little peek at your flicker images and WOW!!!!!! :) So maybe I might consider what you said and re edit a few just for gags :p
You've definitely got a style going on here, and that's a good thing, make no mistake. These pictures look like they were made very deliberately, and they use some "pro photographer" tropes like shallow DoF and so on, so it's instantly clear to everyone that these are pictures that were made like this, on purpose, by someone in command of the technical side of things. That's a big part of what "style" is about.

Unfortunately, this conceals something. Because we look and we see a bunch of technical stuff, a bunch of style choices, a bunch of signs that these are Carefully And Well Made we miss that the subject is simply banged in the middle of the frame every time. You're not spending much effort at all on the part of the process where you choose what goes into the frame and, more importantly, where it goes in the frame and what else goes into the frame with it.

Is this a bad thing? Eh. I dunno. You have a heck of a good subject so it's certainly not the end of the world. A good subject banged in the middle of the frame is a fine picture much of the time.

I do think you could make stronger pictures with better framing choices, and a better "whole image" approach. You'd be hampered by the extreme shallow DoF you favor, since everything else in the frame is likely to turn up as fuzzy blobs of color. On the other hand, some fuzzy blobs of color, light, and darkness -- well placed -- would not be amiss themselves.

Just to be clear, you've got a lot of good stuff going on here. I just happen to think there's some specific things you could do to push your pictures up a notch.
shooting wide open is my style.....it's how I like to shoot.......I actually like my eyes a little bit more sharpened than most I will say
You'll grow out of it.
I really like the color grading, but shooting wide open, you need to nail the focus. It's obviously possible to have tack sharp focus @ 1.4 because what seems to be in focus on all of these
shots is the child's nose. So you can clearly see how shallow of a DOF you have here.

Composition-wise, the only one that really works for me in landscape is numbers 2 and 5, I think to make the composition stronger on 1&3, you should cut out the dead space on the sides a bit.

The cinema quality processing is a big thing these days, and I think you've done well with it here, however the fact that the eyes are OOF, it looks like you tried to save them with sharpening.
If over sharpening the eyes is your thing, that's great, but the eyes should at least be in focus to begin with.

Overall, these would be much stronger if you nailed the focus.
First two, the focus is on the top of the coat. When small, they look fine, but once you actually click on them and see it, its pretty noticeable. If your style is shooting wide open, at least get the focus correct :)
Super cute kid & love those crocodile boots! Nice shots too. :)
I once had a "style" too, then I eventually learned how to properly make a photo. Keep shooting.

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