A little Texas Tech Architechture


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Feb 1, 2012
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Its the beginning of a project I am doing for my Intro to Photography class, on architecture and landscapes...what do you all think?? anything here? Texas Tech campus has a TON of amazing architecture if anyone has ever been to the campus you would know.
any critiques, advice, anything..?
I like #1, but think it could use some straitening. Other than that, I like the last one too.
thanks i just snapped those leaving class actually. so at least i know that i might be on the right track and have the right idea
I like #3 but maybe try vertical format to get the ground and arches closer to you. I guess your lens will not open wider? Changing perspective from the normal angle makes a photo more interesting to most. For example, lay on the ground with the camera low, vertical format, keep the ground in the image while shooting slightly upward. My 2¢.
Also, it helps to have something of interest framed with the arch. The building is a bit plain. Great architecture.
They look a bit underexposed. And some are crooked. Also, in the last one the sky is wayyyyyyyyyyy blown out. To help with this, I would consider photographing later or earlier with the use of a tripod. Or you could get a Neutral density filter, but that might get weird effects on diagonal expanses of sky.

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