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A Love Letter

o hey tyler

Been spending a lot of time on here!
Aug 3, 2009
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Being from Maine, I appreciate the history and natural beauty right in my back yard. This video does an excellent job showing how little has changed. From businesses that have stayed in their same location and thrived, to architecture used to mimic buildings of the past. It combines video and still images, and I found it to be very engaging.

I've seen a lot of those "then and now" photos, but I really love the added video element to this.

I've got a collection of these I've been working on for my own hometown (a project which has been pushed to the backburner for a while, but really needs to get pushed back to the forefront)--what struck me is how many of MY old pictures could be easily interchanged with the ones from Maine. The exceptions are the ones from Maine that show the water and the fishing industry. Lots of lakes around here, and boats, but not ones that give a "fishing industry" look.
Makes me miss Portland so bad!
I'm glad people from out of state, and even overseas can appreciate this. I've watched it probably ten times today and it amazes me each time. Probably because I can go there and see how little has changed. :)
Creative mix of past photos and current video. Nice find!

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