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A new beginner


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Sep 27, 2010
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Hi All! - I just wanted to introduce myself on this forum and start getting my feet wet in the world of digital photography. I am looking to learn and gain some constructive criticism. I was a huge photography geek in high school and college but got sucked into corporate America. I recently changed my job that has less hours to pursue a potential career in photography and turn my passion into a career!

Besides for the posts on this site, if you guys have recommendations on sites/blogs or things to read that would be beneficial to me, please let me know!


Welcome, and good luck with your plans. Besides blogs and forums, I would suggest maybe getting some nice magazine prescriptions. Like American Photo. As they have nice examples of photos, and often have tips and equipment. There are many other magazines as well.

Biggest tip, is INVEST in the best lens you can, so that you are not inhibited any aside from your will to take a great photo.

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