A New Type of Photo-sharing site - Thoughts and Invitations

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    We've been working for about a year and a half on creating what we envision to be the mother of all photo sharing sites. The site is at http://www.fotoflix.com. If you want to sign up and post feedback/suggestions...that would be awesome.

    Our goal is to allow you to rely on our site to manage and share ALL of your photos.

    We've taken some of the best features from desktop applications and put them online.
    *Complete photo management using labels to organize and categorize photos
    *Drag and drop label interface for efficiency
    *Perform keyword searches on your photos (includes labels, names, and descriptions)
    *Very user friendly interface to upload your photos
    *Photo editing options with the ability to always revert to the original
    *Download original photos at no additional cost at anytime
    *We provide an automatic backup of your photos

    We've really worked hard to make the idea of sharing photos easy and powerful.
    *Create stunning slideshows
    - ex. http://www.fotoflix.com/fastflix?6a7ad888f5f33a402fc5db4b0da8cb2d
    *Send a link to any individual photo you upload
    *Create a "FotoGroup" and share as many pictures and/or slideshows you want
    - Invite an unlimited number of people to join the FotoGroup (There are free visitor memberships to join a group)
    - Choose wether or not all members of the group can share their own photos
    - Collaboratively manage a group's photos using our labeling system for organizing and managing group photos.
    - Perform keyword searches on group photos as well.
    - Download original photos from the group

    Plus a ton of other features. Go to the site and sign up for a free trial membership. All feedback is greatly appreciated!

    Here's the site url again: http://www.fotoflix.com



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