A passing train

A nice idea that almost works. Setting up in a different spot would have gotten the stop sign out of the shot and allowed for a a line of telephone poles as opposed to one overlapping all the others.
Everything else works nicely though.
I actually liked the stop sign myself, but...
Agreed, the stop sign is a nice inclusion that adds some tension and which is nicely set off by the colours behind it.
I agree with sleist; adding the stop sign really does nothing for the photo and draws attention away from other focal elements in this landscape shot.

The utility lines add interest and depth. The blur action and the partial sky behind it on the left hurts the image also. I like the color and exposure of this--well done.
I too agree that the stop sign needs to go as it's just a distraction that draws one eye imho
I like the stop sign, Its almost like the train is disobeying the sign, "runaway train"
I went to this location to shoot an old barn at sunset but a bull chased me away. I like the stop sign against the blur of the moving train. This was a last second shot and only had seconds to compose the shot.
+1 for the stop sign...I think it adds to the composition of the moving train.
I like the stop sign & I like the picture. For a last min shot this is really great. Is it possible to see the EXIF data on the photograph?

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