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A Photo from a Project I Recently was A Part Of


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Feb 6, 2014
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Kansas City
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I was working on a project with a company I'm a brand ambassador for, and this is one of the photos from the day of shooting! The client is a band, Not A Planet. Used one strobe, the Nikon D810 and the 14-24 f/2.8. Edited in Lightroom.

The goal was to take good images, and showcase the lighting product I used for its portability and quality of light. It's a part of a video that will drop next month as well.

The 14-24 captures the larger than life aspect of the music industry and who this band is. It also gives great depth to the musicians and has a solid feel. I use this lens semi frequently as part of my style working with artists.
The 14-24 is indeed a solid lens; if you hit someone with it, they will stay hit, but the point that prompted my question was the perspective distortion present in the image. Looking at the chap on the left, he seems to have clown feet as a result of their being so much nearer the camera. With respect to the lighting, I'm curious: What product? I wonder if perhaps your light wasn't a bit too close? The fall-off between the nearest person (blue shirt) and the farthest from the light (the chaps on the ends) seems to be nearly a stop, which IMO is a bit extreme.
I can't say what product due to NDA. it'll be out end of this summer though.

Distortion doesn't matter to me nor my clients. Is it fixable? Sure. I just don't care to.

As far as lighting goes, it wasn't too close. The faces of the members are not a stop off. That's just inaccurate. The clothes appear to have vast exposure differences, but when one guy is wearing bright blue versus extremely dark clothing on the others, that's going to happen unless I lit for their clothes more and not their faces. It's a band shoot, not a model shoot.

I guess I should have said, I don't desire or need criticism on the image. I know what I went for, I captured it. I appreciate your interest in it though
first i noticed was the large feet.
I won't offer any commentary since you mentioned not wanting any, but just for future reference you should be aware that forum sections other than "just for fun" are meant as critique sections and any photos posted there are assumed to be open to commentary unless otherwise mentioned in the original post.
This is the appropriate section for the picture you posted, but as you have seen it is automatically assumed you are looking for critique.
This has a really album cover feel to me, so you did nail it! And I like the distortion of the short lens.
As a heads up, this is a great forum. But, it is mostly geared toward "Classic" style photography, and not "Art". So you have to remember that when posting stuff on the "Art" side of photography. But please continue posting your work, I really enjoy it! :)

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