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Facebook recently revised their Terms of Use... (see it here)

Basically the jist of it is, they have the right to use any content you put on your facebook site for their own commercial or personal use with no compensation to you the artist... The new Terms of use also state that its even theirs if you delete your account...

So for those with Facebook.. if you are taking quality images, or any images for that matter that you dont want to be used for the benefit of Facebook, with no compensation to you (or even mention of who the photo is by) don't put your work on facebook.

I think this is the same revision that photobucket has added to their terms of use as well.

I believe they already have copies of anything you've put on in the past, so this is a note for future Facebook postings.

Join the "People Against the New TOS" group on Facebook to try and fight this, as its not fair to the artists who want to share their work with family and friends.
Luckily they resized the old stuff to something stupidly small. I doubt it would be very useful for all that much. I'm glad I never put anything on there except for pub shots with a P&S.
I'm glad I never put anything on there except for pub shots with a P&S.

this is what i'll be doing from now on.... even though i think they are already saved, i did delete a few albums of some client shots that i was using as a portfolio.. but, from now on, just my fun family/friend shots..
One more reason not to use Facebook for hosting (besides their absolute destruction of image quality).

That's ok, I have gone 100% SmugMug now. I've also abandon PhotoBucket for serious hosting of my images. I keep it around to host junk files as I like to post on forums a lot and it's a good, cheap place to archive hundreds of useless images.
yea, i use smugmug for all my client photos, and all my photos get backed up to flickr, who isnt trying to jack my photos (yet) junk files i just use skitch
There are several ways around this, not the least of which is to use Facebook applications that link your Flickr account with your Facebook account, and thus allow STREAMING (not hosting) of Flickr photos to your Facebook account.

EDIT: Nevermind. I just read the actual news post on this; as usual reality is not as strange as fiction. Facebook is not going to take your PERSONAL works and use it to turn a buck. They will use the content you have on your profile (Wall posts, **** like that) to promote Facebook with RESPECT TO your privacy settings. So if your **** is private, don't expect it to be on a 30 foot poster for Facebook near Grand Central Station.
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facebook turned down! they released a statement today that they will go back to their old TOS.. they can no longer use your photos

Actually, if you read, the old TOS states that they can use your photos. The change in the TOS that got everyone's feather's ruffled was a little bit that was saying that once your account was deleted, they still had a license to all your material as long as they had a backup.

This was to cover their ass. Say you sent a friend a message on Facebook with a picture in it. Once you deleted your account, your friend would still have that message in their inbox. They could use that photo you sent them and when you found out and wanted to go sue crazy, Facebook could have been held liable for "keeping" your copyrighted material.

This change wasn't intended by Facebook as a "copyright grab".

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