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Oct 16, 2012
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Cozy little spot I found behind a shop.

spot by runnah555, on Flickr
Nicely done runnah. Only thing I would have suggested is moving the stool over to camer right where you could frame the shot without the partial window. (REALLY nitpicky)
can I go there and read a book while I sip coffee... because that's what I want to do. :) Nice shot.
Thanks guys. It's actually one of those light wells that some old buildings have. It was private property otherwise I would have moved the stool closer.
It would be interesting to see this in color, possibly tone-mapped.
After seeing the color image, I'd like to see a bit more "red" in the right side wall and perhaps more tonality shifts in the hanging painters to give them better separation from the wall. Just a thought.
Nice spot and well captured. B&W conversion is good. The only thing that bothers me a bit is the distortion upper left (wide-angle lens distortion?). Perhaps there is a lens correction or perspective correction that could manage this.
I like this shot a lot. Question -- the lines formed by the bricks on the patio floor seem to curve a bit to the left. Is that caused by the lens or do they really have a bit of curvature to them as placed?

Well done, Running Man.
Thanks all.

As to the possible lens distortions I use a 35mm prime for this shot which doesn't have much distortion. Any wonkyness I would blame on the 120 year old building.
A 35mm has more distortion than less, if that makes sense. Your left side window is not a product of bad craftsmanship on the part of the builder as much as a distortion to the lens at that angle from that distance. The corner has just about as much distortion in the opposite direction. I shoot a 35mm prime frequently and find if I am shooting right angles, distortion correction is more the norm than the exception.

Nikkor AF-S DX 35mm f/1.8G lens review: geometric distortion | Cameralabs

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