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Apr 19, 2003
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Pasco, WA
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This is from October when my son was here from Boston. We went out to Palouse Falls because he'd seen a shot of mine from there & had never been. So we went, he got lots of great shots. This is one I took while gimping around in the back brace. Glad that damn thing is gone!

I really like the colors, but I can't help thinking I'd like to see a wider shot so that the trees are smaller and more of the canyon/cliff on the right is showing.
I think the beautiful colors would be far more emphasized with a lot more of the cliffs showing on the right, and less of the tress/grass showing on the left. Really lead the along the photograph into the stunning colors. All the same, I like this shot. Good use of a foreground element, really adds nice depth.
Unfortunately there is a rather ugly chain link fence to keep the unwary/foolish from venturing too close the edge and plummeting 300+ to the canyon floor just out of frame to the right. I agree that a wider shot would be nice, but I didn't have a working wide angle lens (broke in the crash) and had to back up quite a way to get this as you see it.

Perhaps next time I'll be able to move a bit better and can find an angle that actually works better. I wasn't all that mobile when I took this one. Now I just have to wait another 10 months to get the contrast between the leaves and the cliff again. :er:

I appreciate the comments, they echo my thoughts about this shot. :)
Nevertheless (not wide enough an angle captured and all that), I still like the quality of thecolours you captured here. They just ARE nice colours!!!
Hehe, yes, the color was the whole reason to take the shot. We don't get much of it around here so you try to shoot it where you can. :)

BTW- Merry Christmas to all!

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