a study in shadow and contrast


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Dec 24, 2005
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From the point of view of technique, you have too much dead black space with minimal detail, which could be solved by more even lighting. Despite the title, there are more under-exposed areas rather than obvious shadows. The foreground is rather busy too, with no particular centre of interest. The green hue at the back also distorts the colour of the "doors".

Overall it is rather difficult to figure out what you were trying to do with this shot.

I think you need to make this a simplicity shot by centering the chairs and table and getting that black thing on the right out of frame.
thanks for the advice eraved, I tried a different crop, it looked worse. Although I agree there is a litle too much black space on the bottom

thanks also skieur I know your trying to help, I just dont understand a lot of what you said. Sometimes art to me is not following a preprogrammed formula but just catching a moment. Thats all I try to do.

I would say that it should be pretty clear the center of interest is the chair shadows, which is why I am stuck to not cropping out the tire.

I thought it might make more sense if I explained that. Thanks,

don't over-think it, it was a handheld shot as I was walking through a parking lot. I thought the shadows were cool. some will like it and some wont. no biggie.... :wink:
i personally like the blackness

and the photo, except for the bike tire.
i like it.. its simple and has a nice dark appeal

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