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hmm I recognise this place! And some of you!
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May 1, 2008
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Well I have decided to grab the bull by the horns and do some slightly more focused photography - and to that end I have decided to copy an idea from others and do the following over a 1 month period (any 30 days from the start).

1) take a minimum of 30 keeper shots which fit the theme during that 30 day period - note that they don't have to be taken one a day - just that all must be taken within the time limit

2) edit the shots and present them in a PDF document (or similar) for printing into a photobook - also to be done within the 30 day limit.

3) print the darn thing! (probable done at a photography lab through online - I won't look highclass (too costly) but a reasonable price and quality - currently thinking of Photobox (I am UK based)

But there is a tricky part - just what the heck do I have for a theme - so anyone got any ideas? I am not looking to move out of my main areas of interest for this project, but more to remain in my defined areas and to refine what I have learnt thus far. You can look in my blog or even phototracker to find my general subjects (flowers, insects, zoolife, the odd swan - is the easy short version)
April-May is a good time to document the change in plants. Actually, it seems like the perfect time to showcase your areas of interest.

ie. blooming, cacooning, etc.
Make it something easy.

Geometric shapes (circles, diamonds)
Patterns / broken Patterns
Colors / broken Colors

etc. Pick one and go with it :)
flowers I can do - however shapes, colours and patterns I think would be tricky for me - I would probably just confuse myself trying! ;)

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