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A thread for my Editorial class assignments/projects

Glad to know SC isn't the only place infested with mosquitos this time of year. Well, you win some you lose some. Interesting "dress". What is that made out of? It looks rather heavy.

bedsheet. It was rather heavy and I wouldnt bother using it again.

Its looking like it will be raining for the next week so Im not sure when I will be able to get a few more pictures in. Luckily two of them are suppose to be indoor portraits so Ill figure something out for those. Id prefer not to shoot in my apartment again. Someone had suggested going to the local museum which would be awesome if they let me. I know the perfect window to use too. Or maybe a local coffee shop would be fun.

Here is a ~180* pano of that location:

We tried to shoot in the lighted spot where the marker is between the trees but as soon as everything was up, all we had was cloud cover.

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