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Nov 26, 2005
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Buffalo, NY
This was taken of me during a Flickr meetup here in Buffalo NY yesterday

What is the story with posting pics from other photographers? Also I thought that you were supposed to put the viewfinder up to your eye.

Tell him/her excellent shot! Did you have a meetup in a studio? If so that is a cool idea. Tell us all about it.
Flickr is another website ( www.flickr.com ) there are thousands of groups on it and it hosts pitures as well. Anyhow Im a part of a local group here in Buffalo and we had a meet up in a nice coffee shop and talked cameras, and we even switched cameras so we can each play...we had holgas, p&s's Canon and Nikons...it was a great meeting and a LOT of fun..we are going out to shoot this weekend possibly at a cemetery.
When we meet up we also post the photos that we took during the meet up and this just happened to be one that was taken of ME!! IT was MUCH grainier so I put it through neatimage, I think the guy shot at ISO 1600 on accident but the grain effect kind of added to the effect of most of his photos

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