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May 25, 2007
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So I get home from work today, and just as i'm pulling up the driveway, so is the FedEx man.. what does he have?? well theres only one thing I'm expecting, so it must be my Photobook that I ordered through iPhoto...

i was nervous.. i've never seen one before, so I was unsure of the quality.. I mean is was super easy to make, just drag and drop the images.. and it was pretty cheap too.. $29.99 USD.. the price tag made me nervous.. I mean how good a quality can you get for $30...

I'm absoutley amazed!!! this thing looks like it should be on a shelf at Chapters.. the photos themselves came out just a TINY bit darker than I would have liked, but they still look SOOO good...

If you've been dabling with the idea of creating a photobook through iPhoto, don't hesitate!! you will not be let down!!

This book is a 3 fold thing for me... its a book for me to have with some of my best wedding shots, as a keep sake... its a book to show clients something I offer (i have photobooks on my price list as something they can order) and its a portfolio to show potenial wedding clients the work I do...

My wife is also amazed at the quality, shes already started creating books for family of our son and the pregnancy and all that fun stuff...

the bonus is that you can usually find coupons online too.. when i did this book i found coupons for (but didnt use them): buy one, get one free (of the same book) 10% off, 25% off.. and there were some others aswell.. now that i know the quality, I will be making these suckers all the time!
I have to give it a try. I've made one thru Snapfish.
The iphoto made books are great. I have made more than a few. Try out the Calenders too!
I am excited that you posted this!!! I made one thru Snapfish also, but sadly disappointed. It was kind of flimsy and didn't look very professional but I am excited to create one thru iPhoto. God I love Mac! Thanks!
Out of curiosity, what version of iPhoto did you use (not that it matters). Did you pickup iLife '09?
My big bro made one of these for my Gran for Christmas. It looked amazing and she was absolutely thrilled.
yea, i have iLife 09.. but i'm pretty sure the version doesnt matter.. i think they have had books since iLife 06... the key is using high res images... each of the pics i used was around 3-5mb in size.. if you use low quality images, i imagine you wont get good results.. so make sure you shoot in full resolution... also i'm pretty sure you can add more pages too..

the book i got was the standard... 10 pages, with images on both sides, so 20 pages worth of images.. and i think it took about 75 images.. but you can totally customize them just because it says that a 5x7 goes on the page doesnt mean thats all you can put there.. depending on what you put on the page, iPhoto adjusts the layout.. its so awesome and so easy to do!!!
Thanks for the info Chris! I will have to try it! I use iphoto quite a bit, so I will definitely check it out.

Thanks again for posting!

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