A year in photo: TIME Lightbox 365

I'm only through February now...this is amazing.
I stopped at March....lol
I'll have to come back to this thread again later and look at the rest.
Another great thread Mike....:sexywink:
I'm half way through (July 1). I just can't rush though this...so many great photo.
Took me about two hours...but well worth it.

Besides the amazing, political, topical content of the photos....I'm amazed at the shear quality of most of them. Many of the photos were taken in extremely adverse or timely conditions and for the photographers to come away with powerful yet artistic photos, is really inspiring to me...and should be to any photographer.
Another superb resource of inspiring photos. Thank you, Mike, for finding this and posting the link. As with the link that Ann posted, there is much here to study and learn from.

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