a550 price drop!

Aug 3, 2010
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San Antonio
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I just called my local (San Antonio) area SonyStyle store this morning almost right when they opened, and the guy that answered the phone had to load the inventory sheets still so he put me on hold...when he came back, he told me they got new price-charts last night which dropped the price of the a550 from it's price of 849.99 USD (sale from 949.99 USD) to 729.99 USD! (Body+ 18-55mm DT zoom lens)

*Also 15% discount on accessories when you register your product! So much savings!

So I'm off to buy my camera today, hurray! Just thought I'd share the news with everyone...sweet price drop, yeah?
Cool, there 670.00 on Amazon for the kit. I can't stand Sony's SLR's so still way more than I would pay for one, but I hope you enjoy your new camera.
There is an industry show next month and it's time to move inventory that will soon be replaced by new models.

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