Abandoned buildings (still takeing inventory so to speak)


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May 10, 2007
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Here are the most recently abandoned buildings. These two are different than the rest. These two corner stores are located (both) on prime thoroughfares and are not abandoned due to lack of business. One on the corner of Wildwood avenue and route 219, and the other on a corner on Broad Street (our Main road, the only one stretching from one end of town to the other.)

Their owner Locked the doors and ran. Back when he acquired the properties, He basically bullied the previous owner into turning over the properties for pennies on the dollar by stating that with his position in the nation he could cease the business right out from under him. Needless to say he decided to get something out of it as opposed to just loosing it. After the buyout the place went into the shtter IMHO. The store changed dramatically, it was advertised as a native owned tax free store, how ever the prices did not change on food, fuel and cigarettes. A few months ago the places closed their doors. I was not surprised, but rumors began to circle around that they shut down due to constantly being robbed.....Not the case. As it turns out the individual has no position in the nation, never did. When he realized that the tax collectors where on to him he took off. As it stands the Seneca Nation has ceased the properties and federal tax agencies, state tax agencies, Seneca Nation tax agencies and customs officials are after him as well as various police agencies including the Seneca Nation Marshals for other non tax related criminal activity. Rumors are circling around the amount of tax money this person has collected and was ceased from his home but one thing that remains constant is it is in the millions and this is not including the unknown amount he may have taken with him.

Broad street location

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Wildwood location


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I have elected to put this in gen-gallery because I am working with only leads I have from good sources but will not guarantee the accuracy of the information, but it can be moved if moderator staff wish to do so.

Also, I think I am experiencing a shutter malfunction as I lost a few images that where literally way under exposed over only half the image, including but not limited to both fuel islands.

Other abandoned structure photos of this set can be found by following these links, As I stated before I will get more of all of these as time and/or legal issues permit.



*EDIT* I apologize for the sloppy processing, with the white wackground during review I did not see the access white space resulting from missing the mark on trying to keep the entire frame.
Oh yeah, I feel It should also be said that route 219 is the primary route into the city from Ellicottville, Buffalo, Niagra Falls and Toronto.
I love the light.
ha i remember there was a uni mart but they changed the name.

the shot isnt intersting, and it doesnt look abandoned yet, but i liked the story
These are more photojournalistic styled shots as I am gathering an inventory on all the abandoned buildings in the city than anything else. To be "abandoned", something doesn't necessarily need to be run-down and dilapidated, merely deserted. He walked away from these buildings and left them to rot.

Many of the deserted properties (primarily business properties) are being reclaimed and put up for sale, but rarely does a business property sell around here. Potential business owners would just as soon build a new building either off rez or as close as possible to the casino. Some of these buildings have been "For Sale" for ten or more years.

That is part of what makes these two different, They might actually sell, however I don't rekon they can be sold untill any investigation surrounding them is resolved.

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