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Jan 11, 2008
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Here are some of my better photos, not nearly as good as most of yours but I would like to know what things I could improve :wink:
Don't ask about my camera because for now it is a small crappy slim digital

I really like the first one. I fall for scenic shots, and ya got me.

The second one is ok, and would be a whole heckuva lot better if there wasn't so much dust/fog/smog/frogs (lol) in the air.

The third one...I don't really have anything to say. It's not bad but it doesn't really catch my eye that much.

The last one is pretty neat. Nice fog.

Hope these don't sound too overly critical. Don't go too hard on yourself, the shots are pretty good. Just keep shooting!

What kinda camera you got?
Ive got a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ3 5megapixel, 6xzoom
Am hoping to invest in a Digitsl SLR in the near future.
Thanks for the comments, I'm not doin to bad for a 14 year old aye:lol::sexywink:

Opitical, how do I do a HDR - is there a thread about it on here?

Meh, here, I dunno. Probably.

If ya got Paint Shop Pro (10 or higher, I think) or Photoshop, then there's tutorials there on it. I'm pretty sure you need something like PSP or PS to do it, so that's another thing you might want to consider investing in. PSPX2 is only like $100, as opposed to $600ish for PS.

Do you have a basic understanding of what HDR is?
I think I do, I'll be able to find a thread about it here
Ill post another couple of my pics a bit later on:wink:

Grant, I think you have an eye. I like 1 & 4. Sounds like you want to jump with both feet. Keep shootin', and, may you see the light. Ron
I like #1 & #4 too, especially how you have the fence well defined so you can tell how foggy it really is.

#2 - did you shoot that one in the middle of the day? Looks like it was a pretty great spot to be.

You're off to a pretty nice start with these.

Am I totally off thinking these are in NZ? (just a guess from yer name).
You definitely take very nice pictures. Its just the camera that is holding you back. I don't know if you want me to edit your photos so if you say no I will take them down. But I did a very little bit in photoshop to take away the haze and you can see if you like them more. I can tell you what to do if you have photoshop.


Thanks guys, yes I'm in New Zealand

> Amnesic, to be honest I prefer my original version of the old church, but the stockyard looks incredible:thumbup:;)

Watch this space ........ My best photo so far is coming


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