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May 21, 2013
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My experience with 'kits' like this is everything is bottom-of-the-barrel in terms of quality.
I think: It's a waste of money. The lens "converters" are likely to seriously degrade your images, the filters are also likely of poor optical quality and based on their selection, not of much use for most work, especially with digital cameras, your lenses would have already come with factory lens hoods... and the cleaning kit is likely of very poor quality. The only item that IMO, MIGHT be useful is the diffuser for your pop-up flash, but you can achieve the same result with a piece of Tupperware, tissue-paper or similar.
My experience with 'kits' like this is everything is bottom-of-the-barrel in terms of quality.

+1 to that!

My own experience is with a screw-on telephoto 'converter' and separate screw-on macro 'converter' that I bought on ebay some time ago. Together, they were about $40, delivered. I should have known better. Starting with the telephoto converter, my Canon lens could not focus. It would simply hunt and hunt. I went to manual focus and got it as sharp as I could. The results were useless. When I went to unscrew it from the front of my lens, the tele itself unscrewed into two pieces and the two pieces of glass and separator ring inside fell to the floor. To the trash. I didn't even try the macro.

As for the filters, unless you want some oddball colors in your pictures, I don't see much use for the colored filters. "Protection" and "UV" filters are less than useless, other than as drink coasters. Rather than a 'kit', I'd buy a genuine rocket blower to blow the dust off, and some quality lens cloths, designed for camera lenses. The 3M brand at Walmart work quite well.
Awesome, thanks again!
I was thinking they were all probably of low quality, & I won't be wasting my money on them!

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