Achieving artistic look using unintentional Camera shake?


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Nov 2, 2009
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This is actually a low light snapshot that I took yesterday - It came out blurry and noisy due to the high-ISO used.
Anyways, shot from below, the cat was up in an old storage box just under our ceiling.
I felt that as the ceiling had a distinct, and interesting painting-like texture to it - why not use this as an advantage instead?

Apart from converting it to greyscale , I applied a soft focus and a hint of colour to it.

I thought that the I could get away with the oversharpening of the nose and eyes if I gave the image a painterly feel.

Does it work?

Thats not a camera shake. That is motion blur from the subject.
I really like the image, But it doesn't look like camera shake it looks like DOF
I think what you have is subject motion blur...mostly...there could be a small amount of camera shake as well--but not too much. The paw's blur is subject motion blur.
DANG! and of course you are right about it being motion-blur / DOF issues (just looking at it gave that away)

I still really like the shot...doesn't matter what you call it :)
PLus I love cats soooooo
this is both camera shake and subject blurred motion with 2nd curtain flash.

Precious moment i would say
It is not camera shake; the kitten is offering a shake hand.... and Usagani shows what a shake hand is ;)

Regards :D
This is actually one of the more interesting cat shots that I have seen lately.....=) I love his paw out reached torwards the veiwer.
Keep shooting
For a snapshot, it's quite good. I like the natural looking light gradient on the background and the pattern in the wood, and the way the cat almost looks painted as you mentioned.
I like it, I feel animals are unpredictable when trying to take pictures of them (I was going to say shoot them, but it might've gone down not too good)

It's a good shot :)

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